May 11, 2015

Tipsy Bartender Recipes

Cocktails have greatly evolved from simple cherry garnished pina coladas with miniature parasols, to sophisticated alcoholic concoctions. Tipsy bartender recipes have added the pick-me-up to alcohol. Bartenders have perfected the art of cocktail making and made alcoholic drinks more versatile and exciting. You can also become a great mixologist while at it, and your skills can come in handy perhaps when you host guests at a house party.

Making great alcoholic cocktails is not just a matter of mixing whatever you have. It requires a careful combination of ingredients. Learning to make cocktails is certainly a lot of fun. Margaritas, mojitos and martinis are popular cocktails that most people enjoy.

If you are a newbie at making cocktails, start by getting a variety of different alcoholic drinks like gin, rum, brandy and vodka.Balance is important when you are making cocktails. To know the difference between weak, strong, sour and sweet is important. When a cocktail is weak, it means that the alcoholic content is low. Sour cocktails are made with citrus fruits like lemon and lime. Sweet ones have syrups and are sugary. If you are new to cocktail making, you can simply begin with lemonade.

The basic tools of trade include cocktail shakers, strainers, mixing spoons, juicers, muddlers and jiggers. Presentation makes your cocktails look enticing and a variety of garnishes can do the trick. Olives, mint leaves, cocktail onions, limes, lemons and cherries make wonderful garnishes. A few basic rules of thumb apply to cocktail mixing. Stirring applies to clear cocktails, and cloudy cocktails are shaken. Frozen cocktails are mixed with an electric blender. Some drinks like martinis can be shaken or stirred.

Creativity is all you need to make great cocktails. You can find some good tipsy bartender recipes online, with great tips from stellar bartenders. The bartender at your local joint can also give you tips on how to perfect your cocktails.