May 7, 2015

The Richness of Sugarcane Juice

It is an interesting observation that sugarcane is the world’s most widely cultivated crop, sitting on well over 26 million hectares. A native of Southern Asia, sugarcane is an edible perennial grass widely used especially to make sugar. The need for sugar has driven the cultivation of this crop, with 80 percent of the world’s sugar derived from cane. The nutritional richness in sugarcane is in enormous amounts. It is full of minerals like cobalt, chromium, phosphorus, manganese,

Sugarcane juice contains a lot of glucose, which is a natural energy booster that keeps you invigorated and energetic for any task. This is, however, not to keep diabetics away from it as it has a lower glycemic index in comparison with instant sugar, making it safe for diabetics. Flavones present in the juice also prevent the generation and spread of cancer cells. The high content of minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and manganese replaces electrolytes lost and helps keep the body hydrated over summer.

Sugarcane helps maintain a healthy liver by regulating the bilirubin levels to prevent jaundice. The presence of glycolic acid and alphahydroxy acid in sugarcane keep the skin strong, hydrated and free from blemishes caused by acne. The minerals present in sugarcane enable it to have a powerful effect on bacteria that cause bad breath and infections causing tooth decay. This also makes it a natural immune booster. Many other benefits can be derived from sugarcane.

Peeling the sugarcane to extract the juice can be a hard task. You need a heavy knife to help you do that. Cut the sugarcane up into small chunks in order to blend. If you want, you may add other ingredients like lemon or ginger to the juice. A cup of water will be necessary to make the blending easier. Grind them until you get a nice puree. Strain the mixture for smooth refreshing sugarcane juice.