May 7, 2015

What are the Benefits of Lemon Juice and Lemon Oil?

Lemons are a type of citrus fruits native to South East Asia, but can be found anywhere in the world. They have a sharp taste that can also be described as tangy. They are mostly used to give foods or beverages a tart taste. Many people love the pleasant flavor of lemons and have them as an essential ingredient in their pantries.

Apart from the culinary profits, what are the other health benefits of lemon juice? They are known for flushing out toxins in the urinary tract, and this is especially helpful for those with excessive uric acid. They also contain natural bleaching elements that can be used on the skin to help lighten skin complexion.Other skin benefits of lemon include curing conditions like eczema and acne, treating sunburns, eliminating wrinkles and removing other skin blemishes.

Vitamin C is a beneficial element found in lemons that is essentially an antioxidant that prevents the formation of free radicals that trigger the development of cancer cells in the body. The flavonoids in Vitamin C have antibiotic properties that kill bacteriaand treat diseases like scurvy.If you are looking to shed some weight, then you should consider having lemon juice in your diet plan. A mixture of lemon juice and honey can be taken immediately after waking up the morning to help you lower your cholesterol levels and consequently lose weight. When used with olive oil, lemon juice has been known to cure gall bladder stones as well as kidney stones.

Lemon juice concentrate is derived by removing water from lemon juice. You can make instant lemonade using lemon juice concentrate. This refreshing beverage helps cool the body, while also detoxifying it. Copious amounts of it are not needful since it is already concentrated. Balms also contain concentrates of lemon juice due to its soothing properties that assist the body to heal. The natural concentrate does not have any preservatives added.

In a nutshell, lemon juice and lemon oil have numerous health benefits. Most notably, lemon products are used for both beauty and remedial purposes. Below are some of the most common uses of lemon;

Lemon can be utilized in many ways; essentially, by keeping you happy and healthy.

Boost your immunity – lemon is a proven solution for lymphatic drainage and flow. This means that whenever you have a cold, a mix of lemon and coconut oil rubbed in areas around your neck will help rid your body of cold.

Whitening teeth – still struggling with browning teeth? A mixture of lemon, coconut oil and baking powder will help get your white teeth back.

Depression solution – sometimes you are just irritated or depressed. To get rid of the foul mood and depression, take some lemon and everything will be okay.

Grease and oil removal – just finished fixing your car/bike and your hands are oily/greasy? And all the soaps and detergents in your house can’t do the magic? Try a few drops of lemon solution with your soap and all the grease/ oil will ease away.

Face and skin conditioner – if your skin is no longer soft and supple, lemon oil can help you return to your natural complexion, which is achieved through nourishment of your skin. Lemon oil, mixed with honey and baking powder is also popularly used for acne removal.

Washing problems – if you are used to foul smell coming from your laundry because it has been waiting from hours, then several drops of lemon solution is all you need to get rid of the smell.

Homemade disinfectant – if you are looking for an easy and affordable way of disinfecting your disgusting shower, then try a mixture of lemon oil, tea tree oil and water and see the difference. It is a traditional method that has always worked.

Weight loss and health living – if you are still struggling with weight lose/gain, then including a few drops of lemon fluid in your diet everyday will greatly enhance metabolism and subsequently lead to weight loss.

Jewelry and furniture spruce – to rejuvenate your fading jewelry and furniture try using lemon oil while cleaning them and experience the difference.

Removal of sticky goo – sometimes kids remove bind unpleasant environment after finishing with their sticky goo. This can be a big problem to parents, but not while lemon oil is in application.