June 9, 2015

Super Angel Juicer Review – Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer 5500

As a minister at a small-town church in the American South, it’s important to keep my troops refreshed and alert. Sunday mornings can get quite warm, and there’s nothing more painful than looking out over a crowd of sweating Christians nodding off to the lulling of my voice. But Sundays have never been brighter since my wife and I ordered the Super Angel Juicer 5500 Stainless Steel Living Juice Extractor Machine. Hallelujah, does it work! My wife gets to her juicing at about 7am on the morning of the sermon, and by 8:30am we’ve got a whole roomful of thirst-quenched believers.  We have owned a Super Angel Juicer for over 7 years and it works just as good as the first day we purchased it.Super Angel Juicer

Super Angel Juicer Recipe Book

Pairing recipes with the Super Angel Juicer – Sometimes in our lives we may find ourselves lost, feeling off of our typical path. For us juicers, there’s no better solution than Pat Crocker’s Juicing Bible. You won’t find any psalms or proverbs here, but you will get on your knees for the gospel of juicing! Not only does the Juicing Bible give you ready-made recipes; it will teach you everything you need to know about juicing for you to be your own creator! Did you ever think that you could juice beets, ginger, apple, celery, chile, or garlic? Crocker says you can, and should! Don’t spend any more time wandering through the fog of juicing purgatory. This is the perfect addition to your Super Angel juicer.

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Super Angel Juicer Customer Reviews

Are you ready for the juicing experience of your life? You might think that you’ve juiced before – with a Breville or Hamilton Beach – but until you’ve tried the Super Angel 5500 Stainless Steel Living Juice Extractor Machine, you’ve seen nothing yet!

Tracey from Milwaukee can’t get over her Super Angel juicer:

We had been going to get juice at the local health food store and it was very expensive. Like around $7.00 for a 16 oz cup. Plus, their juicer was often in need of repair and not even functioning. So we decided to get a juicer of our own. We did not want the centrifugal/grater/shredder type because the quality of the juice would be affected. Also we were averse to using a juicer made of plastic due to recent research showing leaching problems with some types of plastic. So that really narrowed the selection to two stainless steel juicers: the Super Angel and the Norwalk. Money was no issue in our decision, so we were looking for something easy to clean that would last and produce high-quality juice efficiently. The reviews we read suggested the Super Angel was easy to clean and almost as efficient as the Norwalk for juice extraction. Plus it is much smaller and lighter than the Norwalk. We got our juicer and discovered that it is trivial to clean (takes maybe six minutes), is 100% stainless steel, is quiet in operation, produces great-tasting, high-quality pulp-free juice, and ejects pulp that is very, very dry. There is zero pulp in the juice we are getting. We left the skin on everything and it was no problem. We tried carrots, apples, pineapples, ginger, limes, cucumbers, celery, parsley, spinach. All worked great. There was a bit of foam in the chute from the softer fruits, but one of the plungers they sent had a seal on it and it sent the foam right down the chute, no problem. They sent a very nice stainless steel juice-catching container, plus a couple of pretty nice plastic ones, and a brush that makes cleanup very simple. I might order some extra brushes for the future, since I can see this thing is going to last a long time. Glad to see the 10 year warranty on this machine. It seems very, very solidly constructed, and we certainly did not mind it cost 39% of the price of a Norwalk. We are juicing every day now and are very happy with our purchase.”

And Thomas from New Jersey is raving over his Super Angel juicer:

If you have already been through a number of wheat grass juicers, you might be forgiven for thinking that, based on the performance out there, MAN WAS NOT MEANT to juice grass at all, and all the various juicer makers are sent by a HIGHER POWER TO PUNISH US FOR OUR HUBRIS. As a 3-time Hippocrates grad, I was looking for a daily juicer but kept coming up Snake-Eyes. The “recommended” manual (no motor) juicer from Hippocrates actually damaged my hand. My next purchase was the Samson, based on the reviews. What did I learn? You can’t trust reviews. In 6 months I wore out or cracked every single plastic part on that Piece of Junk. Here is a tip — when you know the first name of the guy on the other end of the support line, that’s a BAD THING. The only part left with an unblemished record was the motor, and when the bearings finally failed there too, I decided it was time to find a new juicer. I next borrowed a Green Power Twin Gear from a friend. This was a giant step forward, but too much foam (about 25% by yield) and very hard to clean. The 5500 was my last kick at the can but MY GOSH I am growing ever fond of this unit each day. Yield is fantastic, even with about 10% foam, it still outperforms. Much easier to clean than the reviews say although you do have to be nimble. Removing the anteater nozzle after juicing takes considerable heft and dexterity but, if you can master that, this is the best machine so far.”