May 31, 2016

**Spring Fling Sale** Trim Evolution Fruit Infusion Water Bottle For Use With Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs, Premium Non-Toxic Plastic, Leak-Proof, Shatter-Proof & Dishwasher-Safe, Affordable & Reusable (Blue)

Want to drink more water but dread the boring taste? With this Infusion Bottle, you can turn ordinary water into healthy, delicious drinks.

Bye-Bye, Sugary Sodas and Expensive Store-Bought Flavored Waters. Hello, Nutritious Beverages with Virtually ZERO Calories.

• Mango and lime
• Kiwi and cucumber
• Orange and cilantro
• Plus scores of other scrumptious combinations – your options are endless!

Take Your Infusion Bottle Wherever You Go – Even Has a Carrying Handle!

This sleek, lightweight bottle weighs just 6.6 oz. yet holds 24 fluid oz. Plus, it’s completely leak-proof, so you can stash it in your purse or backpack without risking a soggy mess. Take it to the office, the gym, the beach. The cap even doubles as a handle for added convenience!

Made of Shatter-Proof TITAN Plastic for Years of Use

• Won’t leach chemicals into your beverage – no BPA or other toxins!
• Withstands freezing and boiling temperatures
• Washes safely in the top rack of your dishwasher
• Takes anything you can dish out

Great Price. Great Recipes. Great Guarantee!

Compare this affordable infuser with others at much higher prices. This one even comes with 20 FREE emailed recipes for easy juicing. Plus, it comes with a lifetime guarantee: Be thrilled, or your money back!

Add to Cart While Supplies Last!

Plus, order a few as gifts for your active friends and family!