May 30, 2015

Oscar Vitalmax 900 Juicer Review

The Oscar Juicer is also known as the Oscar Vitalmax Juicer and the Oscar Vitalmax 900 Juicer. This is a different juicer to the Oscar Living Juicer.

The Oscar Juicer is available in white, black or chrome, with the chrome version usually costing around $20 extra. So how do we rate this juicer and is it really worth the price tag? The short answer is yes, but read on. The Oscar is a single auger (sometimes called single gear) juicer that runs at a low speed of around 80 rpm. One of the main selling points of slow speed juicers such as the Oscar is that you get living juice. Cold press juice is a big thing these days.

 The Oscar Juicers are available in white, black and chrome.

When juicing fruit and vegetables it is important that the juice is kept cool, as this will ensure a higher nutrient value and also keep more of the enzymes intact. Or to put it more simply, many people are of the opinion that cold-pressed juice is alive, while juice that has been made from a juice machine that introduces too much air and heat is dead. There is a lot of truth in this, so we prefer to juice with a low speed juicer such as the Oscar, rather than a high-speed juicer. There are exceptions though. When we travel, we take a centrifugal juicer away with us, for the simple reason that it’s easier to carry.

 Oscar Juicer in Black

Oscar Vitalmax 900 Juicer, blackMost people’s complaint about the higher-cost, low speed juicers is that they just look plain ugly. But this isn’t the case with the Oscar Juice. It is a mixture of pleasing aesthetic design, along with a very functional product. It is very easy to juice with the Oscar, and unlike centrifugal juicers, it will juice the whole range of produce, including fruit, vegetables, leafy greens and grasses (such as wheatgrass and barleygrass). Grass juices are some of the most nutritious around, so we think it is important to buy a juicer that can juice grass. This juicer also ejects the pulp from the end of the juicer and collects it in one of the two jugs provided.


 Oscar Juicer in White

Oscar Vitalmax 900 Juicer, WhiteThe one thing that the Oscar Juicer doesn’t do too well is juice soft fruits, such as raspberries, strawberries, etc, but this is a general weakness of both single auger and twin-gear juicers. We prefer to eat our fruit and juice our vegetables, so this isn’t really a problem. The Oscar Vitalmax will also juice citrus fruits, but if you intend juicing this in large quantities, then you are better off buying a dedicated citrus juicer.

The Oscar Vitalmax 900 comes in three colors – we prefer the chrome. It looks very elegant when on display in the kitchen. But what color you choose depends on what color your current kitchen appliances are. There is no difference in functionality between the two; it is just the color that is different.

Oscar Juicer in Chrome

Oscar Vitalmax 900 Juicer, chromeAs well as making juicer, the Oscar Juicer has a host of other functions. One of our favorite things to do is to make fruit sorbet from fresh, frozen fruit. All you have to do is freeze your favorite fruits, such as mango, banana, etc. and then put through the machine using the blank screen instead of the juicing screen. You will have a delicious fruit sorbet, with no sugar added.

The Oscar Juicer can also make soups, dips, noodles, pasta, nut butters, and more. So this really is a versatile machine. We rate the Oscar Vital Max 900 as one of the best single gear juicers on the market. The only machine that we think beats it is the slightly more expensive Omega 8004 Juicer. An added bonus with the Oscar though is the 20-year warranty on the motor, although the parts only have a 5-year warranty.

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