May 31, 2016

Juicing: Juicing For Beginners, Your Complete Juicing Guide: Your Ultimate Guide To Lose Weight, Detox Your Body, And Improve Your Wellness and Nutrition (Juicing for Weight Loss and Nutrition)

Get all your nutrition needs with Your Complete Juicing Guide!

85 Percent of Adults do not provide their bodies with all the Nutrients needed! You can learn how to provide your body with what it needs with this book!

With The Juicing Guide, you will Learn:

– The Benefits of Juicing
– Top reasons to juice
– Does juicing really work?
– Myths and mistakes regarding juicing
– Why fruits are important
– Top 10 fruits for juicing
– What they do for the body
– Why vegetables are important
– Top 10 vegetables for juicing
– What they do for the body
– Recipes
– Juicing for Detoxification
– Juicing for Immune Health
– Juicing for Anti-Aging and Better Skin
– Juicing for Increased Energy
– Juicing for Weight Loss
– Juicing on a Budget
– Selecting Your Juicer

Take Care of Your Body, It is all that you really have!

Please download this book and you won’t regret it!