May 31, 2016

Juicing for Weight Loss: A Simple 4-Week Plan to Finally Ditch the Pounds Forever!

Why do you need 50 or even 100 juice recipes when all you need is a FEW SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE juice recipes to help you lose weight FOREVER? Author Jessica Lee struggled with being “chubby” during her teens. After 2 pregnancies, including a twin pregnancy, she couldn’t ditch that 30 pounds of weight no matter what she tried – drugs, supplements, exercise, fad diets… in fact she gained more weight than before she started trying! The 4-Week Plan: – is simple to follow – tells you EXACTLY what juice to drink and WHEN – helps you EASE into the juicing lifestyle step by step – holds your hand to enjoy the whole process – most importantly… keeps your weight off FOR GOOD. This plan doesn’t require you to starve yourself and go on a so-called “juice cleanse” (or juice feast or juice fast, whatever they want to call it!), because Jessica has tried them herself and they haven’t produced any better results than not doing one at all. So why torture yourself, when you can make the entire juicing and weight loss process more enjoyable?! Readers will also select the most suitable juicer for their lifestyle, and not just one that “everyone else is using too.” Juicing for Weight Loss is all about YOU. It’s not about what other juicing pros say you should or shouldn’t do. It’s all about YOU embracing the Juicing lifestyle and finally say BYE BYE to those fats. Remember to grab your BONUS at!