May 31, 2016

Juicing: 13-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse for Detoxing, Extreme Weight Loss and Paleo Style (Juicing Recipes, Juicing for weight Loss, Juicing)

After Reading this Book You Will Be Excited and Ready to Juice and Learn How to Detox/Cleanse While on a Paleo Diet.

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Green smoothie cleanses are very popular nowadays. However, it is important to understand that they are not simply another fad diet, but are, in fact, a great way to keep your body healthy, your mind happy, and help shed pounds all at the same time. This book will provide you with plenty of information to help you understand all of this, and more.
It is important to be able to talk and think about colon and digestive health, and therefore, this book will speak candidly about these subjects. It will not sugar-coat the fact that we, as human beings, need to focus on our digestive health more than we have in the past. Discussing this vital part of our bodies can and does lead to a greater understanding of our own health and wellbeing.
The first part of the book will focus on in-depth information about why green smoothie cleanses work, and what they can do to help your body and mind. Within the first couple of chapters, you will find plenty of information to prove just why these cleanses are necessary to your body. The book will thoroughly explain the connection between smoothie cleanses and colon health, and will also touch on how smoothie cleansing can aid in kidney and joint health, mental health, energy and blood sugar issues, battling intestinal parasites, and, of course, weight loss.
The next chapter will explain how a green smoothie cleanse fits within a paleo diet, and how combining the two in your daily life provides the greatest benefits possible for your entire body. This chapter will also explain how these diets, when combined, can help you lose weight fast.
Finally, the end of the book will include a plan for the 13-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, as well as a shopping list to help you prepare. Follow this plan carefully, and you are sure to see results within the first couple of days.

This is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • You will be excited and ready to juice and learn how to cleanse while on a paleo diet.
  • Why green smoothie cleanses help
  • How to cleanse while on the paleo diet
  • A 13-day plan for optimal weight loss and cleansing
  • A shopping list for the 13-day cleanse
  • and much, much more!

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