May 31, 2016

Juicer Recipes: Juicing Recipes Book to Treat Common Health Ailments. 60 Juices for Detox, Immune, Cleanse, Weight Loss and More

Juicing fruits, vegetables and herbs is a fast, easy and refreshing way to get nutrients absorbed into your body quickly. Juicing has become very popular largely due to the health benefits which are great and many. I am a big believer of eating predominantly natural foods in my diet. As a #1 bestselling author for many of my Paleo diet books, I understand the link between eating natural, healthy foods and maintaining good health long term. Juicing can be easily incorporated into a diet. The range of juicing machines on the market make it easy to choose one that is just right for you. I still use my good old faithful machine that I have owned for years and it still serves me well!

In this book I have addressed common health problems that many people have, and would like to find some simple but effective solutions to try and help themselves from home. And that’s the beauty of juicing… it not only tastes good, but can also have a variety of benefits that are specific to your common ailment. I try to cover a wide range of juicer recipes that most people will find helpful whether it be for general health or other conditions such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis, cancer, insomnia, immune deficiencies, weight loss, circulation, hemorrhoids, arthritis, cholesterol, inflammation and so on. Much of our health and a good quality of living are available to us through our foods. There are also recipes for general things like detoxification, cleanse of the blood and ingredients that generally boost our immune system. Most recipes have a balance between vegetables, fruits and herbs.

The other helpful information about juicing is that I have included is around 30 foods that are commonly used to make juice recipes which benefit our health in some way or another. Of course I have also added lots of tips about juicing that will help you get started if you are a beginner. You can also read your manufacturer’s instructions first as they will give you plenty of relevant juicing information.

The book includes juicer recipes with nutrition facts and a general guide to how each and every drink will benefit your health the most. I hope you get great benefit from reading through my favourite juicer recipes. Here is a sample of what you will find inside:
• Why Drink Juices?

• The Benefits of Homemade Juices

• Blending or Juicing – What’s the Difference?

• Be Kind to Your Stomach

• The Benefits of Leafy Greens

• Can’t Afford a Juicing Machine?

• Green Cleansing Recipes

• Beware Using Too Much Spinach!

• Variety is Key!

• Fruit & Vegetable Wash Recipe
• Over 30 Juicer Foods to Treat Common Ailments

• Foods for Specific Health Problems

• Easy Pulp Muffin Recipe

• 30 Tips for Successful Juicing

• Blended Drinks for Good Health

• Banana Blender Bender (Immune Booster)

• Berry Super Charged Smoothie (Energy Booster)

• Energy 2 Pick Me Up (Energy Booster)

• Honeybee Pollen Energy Drink (Energy Booster)

• Hot and Spicy Juice (Energy Booster)

• Body Building Health Drink (Osteoporosis)

• Crazy Kale Calcium Cocktail (Osteoporosis)

• Pineapple Power with Ginger (Arthritis)

• Glass of Salad (High Blood Pressure)

• Pressure Buster (High Blood Pressure)

• Sparkling Cherry Juice (Gout)

• Apple Cinnamon Warmer for 2 (Circulation)

• Cabbage Ulcer Blaster (Ulcers)

• Green Protein Juice? (Protein Builder)

• Coolio Cooling Soother (Hemorrhoids)

• Turmeric Tummy Tamer (Bloating)

• Cherry Sleep Bomb Juice (Insomnia)

• Apple & Celery Sleeper (Insomnia)
• Quick Soothing Turmeric Blend (Anti-inflammatory)

• Soothe the Beast (Anti-inflammatory)

• Green Mint Blast (Digestion)

• Plum Tummy Tonic (Constipation)

• The Complexion Concoction (Skin)

• Pink & Green Goddess (Skin)
• Immune Boosters – Take Control

• Carrot Immune Booster (Immune Booster)

• Easy Immune Boosting Bomb (Immune Booster)

• The Greener the Better Juice (Immune Booster)

• Ginger Healer (Immune Booster, Cancer)

• Citrus Cold Buster (Immune Booster)

• Kale