May 31, 2016

Juice Your Way To Health – The Complete Step-By-Step Guide to Juice Cleansing: How to overcome food addictions, lose weight and feel great – naturally! Includes Juicing recipes, Juicer Buyer’s Guide

Juice Your Way to Health is more than just a book on juicing. This book reveals how certain foods have negative effects on how you look, feel, and live. The authors summarize the leading edge research in a simple and accessible manner, provide an easy to follow 4 day plan and share powerful real life stories to help us re-program our relationship with food. In this comprehensive guide you will discover how Juice Cleansing… * Eliminates harmful toxins from your body * Reduces excess body weight * Strengthens your immune system * Slows aging and revitalizes your skin * Prevents and reverses chronic diseases * Increases your energy levels * Promotes mental and emotional clarity * Enhances the quality of your life Juice Your Way to Health also includes: + A complete, easy-to-follow 4-day juicing plan, which includes recipes, shopping lists and a juicer buying guide. + A detailed 10 point Healthy Eating Habits Checklist to continue to lose weight and maintain optimal health after your juice cleanse + The 7 proven strategies you must follow in order to make your Juice Cleanse a lasting success + And much more! In this comprehensive book you will learn -> What Juice Cleansing Is And What It Is Not -> How To Know If You Need To Go On A Juice Cleanse -> Why You Will Benefit From Juice Cleansing -> When Not To Do A Juice Cleanse -> What Experts Say About Juice Cleansing -> How To Achieve Optimal Health -> How To Develop Clean Eating Habits -> How To Say Goodbye To Food Addictions For Good Juice Your Way to Health was created to: 1) To inspire and educate you with the best information out there currently about Juicing and Juice cleansing 2) To share our own personal experiences and other transformational stories to help you overcome the obstacles in your mind so that you can start juicing and living Your Best Life NOW! 3) To provide you with everything you need so that you can successfully complete your own “Juicing to Bliss in 4 days” plan.