May 11, 2015

Juice Dispensers

On any hot sunny day, a glass of juice can cool you off as it re-energizes you for the task ahead. However, if you are hosting a party for your friends or simply to a large crowd of people, then the conventional pitcher may not be very convenient. Juice dispensers make it easy for you to serve juice to your thirsty guests. Refills can be made easily with the twist of the tap. They come in styles that suit your preference.

Before you buy a dispenser, you need to consider a few things first. Different dispensers are meant for different types of drinks. If you are going to serve frozen juice, then you need to consider buying a dispenser with double insulation to keep the ice from melting. Some dispensers are made to accommodate a bowl of ice underneath the juice to chill it. Dispensers come in different sizes. Make sure that the dispenser you acquire will hold the amount of juice that you intend to prepare for your guests.

Most dispensers are made of either glass or plastic. Plastic dispensers are great for the outdoors since they are not fragile like glass, which is more appropriate for table settings, possibly to match with the glassware. Different dispensers are appropriate for different kinds of settings. Outdoor events require dispensers that are easily portable like the barrel-shaped types that have handles on top. If you want to serve a variety of juices to your guests, then you may consider acquiring a multi-tank juice dispenser that can hold different types of juices in one dispenser. They may also come with a variety of display features that can add an element of playfulness to your drink.

Proper cleaning and maintenance is required to keep juice dispensers in tiptop shape. Diffusers and nozzles need to be cleaned regularly to prevent accumulation of dirt and juice contamination. Wiping of exterior surfaces and tanks should also be done regularly.