May 11, 2015

Juice Bars

The popularity of juice bars dates back to the 90’s when the craze for healthy living began. These establishments are quite similar to coffee shops, snack bars, cafés and soda fountains, only that they specialize mainly in juices, smoothies and juice blends made from fresh fruit and vegetables. The juices, sometimes, have supplements added to them. Alcoholic drinks are not serrved in these establishments.

Juice sellingis quite profitable with high grossing sales in current markets. This business frenzy began in the United States, and quickly spread to the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. If you intend to start one, you can either buy a franchise, or have your own independent business. It is possible to sell other related products like snacks, bottled water, supplements, branded merchandise or retail fresh fruit and vegetables.

Before you begin the business, the first thing to do is always prepare a business plan. This will give you a proper guideline to run your business effectively. It is obvious that you cannot run any business without a valid operating license. It is the legal requirement for running any legitimate business. Identify a good premise from which you will operate your business. Find reliable vendors from whom you will source your produce. If you can, ensure that the produce you get is fresh and organic.

Purchasing some good-quality juicing equipment will keep your business running smoothly without running frequent repair expenses. You will also need to buy cups, straws and napkins with which to serve your clients. Prepare a menu of all the juices you will be offering your clients. To demonstrate your commitment to the healthy lifestyle, you can buy goods made from sustainable materials or recycled material.

Once you open the business, you can promote it by giving out some well-prepared free samples of the juices and smoothies. This is a good strategy many juice bars use to lure customers. Good customer service and tasty fresh juices will keep your customers hooked.