June 10, 2015

Jack Lalanne Juicer Review – PJP Power Juicer Pro Stainless-Steel Electric Juicer

I’m normally not a sucker for scams, but this time I fell for it. I don’t know if I was just really thirsty or if Jack LaLanne’s muscles reminded me of my college days. REGARDLESS, I ordered the Jack LaLanne juicer, and I have never been more disappointed with a product in my life. While juicing might be an art (my husband certainly would say it is), designing a juicer is not. So I’m not sure which herb the designers of the Jack LaLanne juicer were smoking, but this is one terrible juicer. Let me go over some of the problems.

When you place your fruits or vegetables into the feed tube of a high-quality juicer, the feed tube leads out to the far end of the blades. Why? Because it’s here that you’re getting the most force of the blades and thus the best shredding. Rather than follow this common knowledge, the designers of the Jack LaLanne juicer constructed the feed tube such that it dumps your food directly in the middle of the spinning blades, on the point around which the blades spin! I was almost tempted to reach inside to knock around some of the apples that were building up in the middle, but caught myself before risking losing a finger.

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Jack Lalanne Juicer Review

Jack Lalanne Juicer

Next, when it does successfully shred the your fruit, the draining system is so poorly designed that the juice starts to build-up inside the juicing chamber rather than pouring out! Maybe Jack LaLanne doesn’t do arithmetic, but I think he’s smart enough to know that we need to be able to DRINK the juice from the juicer we paid him over $100 for!

Before the problems got any worse, I tossed my Jack LaLanne juicer and went for a Breville, which was perfect for my needs. I’m not saying that Breville is the best brand out there, but that it is certainly one of the juicing brands that takes their product seriously and knows what they’re doing. I was completely unsatisfied with Jack LaLanne’s juicer, and I do want my money back.

Jack LaLanne Juicer Flaws

Folks, don’t waste your time with the Jack LaLanne juicer. Most infomercials are a joke, and the Jack LaLanne juicer is no different. Travis of Oakland was terribly disappointed with his purchase of the Jack LaLanne juicer. He gives us lots of insights as to its failure: “This juicer is one of the worst juicers I’ve ever used. Don’t be fooled by the claims made during the infomercial. This juicer barely has the ability to shred the produce fed into it, much less efficiently extract the any juice from the pulp. Worst of all, it is actually dangerous to use. It all comes down to poor design. The primary flaw with this juicer is that the feed tube directs its contents into the center of the shredding blade where it spins the slowest. To make matters worse, the teeth at the center of the shredding blade are arranged in the same circular path. This tooth arrangement fails to generate any shredding action between the blades, and only grinds circular groves in the produce. Thus, the produce tends to feed very slowly, or actually stalls in the grind tube. This slowed feeding action also seems to cause the centrifuge basket to slow down, and clog up. I’m not exactly sure why this happens, but I suspect it may have something to do with the produce binding between the bottom edge of the feed tube and the center of the shredding blade. Obviously, once the centrifuge basket gets clogged, less juice is extracted, the pulp is wetter, and more juice ends up in the pulp receptacle. The second flaw is that the pulp is only discharged into the pulp receptacle from one side of the shredding /centrifuge chamber. This tends to cause the pulp to linger in the centrifuge basket, and compounds the clogging problem. Once the centrifuge basket gets clogged, the pulp begins to stick to the inside of the shredding /centrifuge chamber, and eventually seems to make its way into the juice catch basin. The third flaw is that juice catch basin is flat on the bottom, and does not drain well. Pulp particles in the juice tend to settle on the bottom the juice catch basin, and eventually may stop the juice from draining. When this occurs, juice will flow over the inside lip of the juice catch basin, and stream down the motor housing. Wait; it gets worse! Since the motor’s cooling vents are on the sides of the motor housing directly below the juice catch basin, juice escaping from the juice catch basin tends to flow into the motor housing through the cooling vents creating an electrical hazard. I threw out my Jack LaLanne juicer, bought an ACME, and never looked back.”

Jack LaLanne Juicer Alternatives

Rather than waste your money on a Jack LaLanne juicer, consider looking at two different highly rated juicers that customers are raving over. For those of you looking to juice a lot of vegetables and leafy greens, check out Omega’s Nutrition Center Single-Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer. Its masticating design is perfect for not destroying those crucial enzymes in leafy greens the way that most high-powered juicers do. The Omega juicer runs at only 80-rpm, making it the most gentle and healthy juicer on the market. And if bulkier fruits such as apples and pears are your favorite, check out Breville’s Fountain Elite Juicer, one of the highest-quality juicers you’ll find for under $300. This juicer is for those people who don’t mess around with the food or their health. Either of these juicers are great purchases, and it simply depends on what you’re looking for in a juicer. But we can all agree that the Jack LaLanne juicer is terribly designed and a scam. Do yourself a favor – don’t buy the Jack LaLanne juicer.