May 30, 2016

Drew Canole Juicer Book – Juicing Recipes for Vitality and Health

Drew Canole has written several amazing books that EVERYONE should buy. I said everyone because we all want to be healthy regardless of our current state. If you are feeling out-of-shape or generally unhealthy, then Juicing Recipes for Vitality and Health should be your first ingredient in your healthy recipe.

In author’s own words

jucing recipes

jucing recipes

If there was ONE thing that you could do RIGHT NOW to change your body from within that literally had the power to transform your body on a cellular level and didn’t involve any magical potions or pills, would you be interested?

My friend, I have great news!

Just a few short years ago, I was introduced to the life-changing powers of REAL food in the form of fresh pressed JUICE! Green juice to be exact. And my whole existence changed. YOURS CAN TOO!

Do you want: More energy? Less cravings? Sharper focus and mental clarity? Better sleep? Balanced mood? To maintain a healthy weight?

Well, these are just some of the benefits of juicing when paired with a balanced diet and lifestyle. And all you need is a juicer, fresh produce, the commitment to yourself and a ‘no excuses’ attitude to take action!

Author, Drew Canole has helped thousands of people transform their lives using real food, positive mindset and healthy habits. His favorite, of course, is teaching the benefits of JUICING for vitality and health. This book is complete with 108 delicious and nutritious recipes to JUICE UP YOUR LIFE along with the tools to create sustainable and enjoyable habits, long-term.

Get your daily dose of fruits and veggies in as little as ONE GLASS of beautiful, satisfying green juice each day. Learn how to LOVE veggies in a whole new way and get your kids loving greens as well! All of this and more in Drew’s NEW and UPDATED version of Juicing Recipes for Vitality and Health!

Five star Reviews Juicing Recipes for Vitality and Health

Great for beginners or pros!

I am a busy mom of 3 juggling working from home and our busy family schedule. I am a recovered fast food junkie!!! My previous diet consisted of whatever fast food restaurant was closest and the largest diet coke or latte possible. The pounds were packing on, my energy was nill and I needed to make a change. After borrowing a friends juicer to make sure I would like juicing before making the investment of a juicer, I was hooked! However, as a new juicer, I struggled w/ what to juice, how much raw veg/fruit I needed and why that particular produce was good for my body.

After following Drew Canole on FB for a few weeks, decided to try his book. Best bang for the buck!!! Great recipes (often w/ catchy names) that also tell you the benefits of that particular juice. The recipes are divided into Fruit Juices (50 recipes) and Veggie Juices (54 recipes). This book is a must have for anyone that wants to try out juicing and see if they like it to those of us that are totally hooked! There are also yummy recipes that my kiddos and hubby (that typically hates veggies) enjoy!! As a family, we now juice several times a day and these recipes keep us from getting bored!

Really Tasty

After months of lots of stress in my life I decided to be more aware on what I was doing with my body, I didn’t use to eat veggies and fruits caused on the laziness of the process of cleaning, peeling, doing a bit of mess and clean again… though I decided to try juicing… bought this book, and after the first sip of one of Drew’s recipes that laziness faded right away… Now, after the second week of trying juicing, every night when I get back from work, my body craves for a nice glass of healthy boost… Tried one for better sleep and I started sleeping right away after getting into bed, no more hours trying to sleep!! The recipes are very tasty you don’t have to be afraid of the resulting greenie/redish juice you get… Now I’m so ready to get a better juicer to get the most of every fruit or veggie out there 😉 … cheers!!

(edited Aug 14th) Now it’s been almost a month after I purchased this awesome book! As I’m a hard worker, I’m doing a master and I’m taking some other update courses I have no much time for exercising but I’m still shaping my body with these great recipes!! My clothes fits better and better everyweek!! I truly recommend everyone interested in juicing to get this book and start/keep juicing! You’ll feel the changes right away! I didn’t mention I used to suffer from colitis due to the extreme stress I get into everyday… but I haven’t feel the horrors of it since I started juicing… It’s been amazing and thanks to Drew’s encouragement in his videos and this book I don’t pretend on stopping this path.. now I just wish I could get a new and better juicer than the old one I have…

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