May 31, 2016

Boroux® Original 16.9 oz pure Borosilicate glass water bottle – The reusable BPA free alternative to plastic bottles. Great for essential oils, juicing, camping, the office, and everyday use.

Boroux Glass Bottles are a non-toxic, BPA free, eco-friendly, and reusable alternative to plastic bottles. The Boroux Glass water bottle, like many great products, was inspired by a need. The need for a safe, sustainable and portable water storage solution. Made from pure borosilicate glass – a very clear glass which resists heat changes better than other types of glass. Boroux bottles are great for camping, the gym, working out, daily usage and even all types of essential oil consumption including doterra & young living. Additionally the thick bottom provides extra durability allowing Boroux glass bottles to be used repeatedly and even cleaned in the dishwasher! The Boroux Bottle’s capacity is 500ml (16.9 oz), and is the perfect size for carrying daily. Refill four times a day for the recommend fluid intake of 64oz. The 2 5/8″ diameter of the bottle fits nicely in your hand as well as most cup holders, allowing for easy transportation. The height of the bottle, from the bottom to the base of the cap, is 7 1/2″, the cap is 7/8″ tall for an overall height of 8 3/8″. Finally the no leak lid allows for the bottle to be carried as needed without any unfortunate spills.