May 29, 2015

Acme 6001 Juicerator Review

The Acme 6001 Juicerator is simple to use, has a reliable motor with speeds of 3600 rpm and uses its centrifugal force to squeeze the juice through small holes that line the inner basket while the pulp gets pushed to the sides. This gives you fresh juice of a good quality that maintains the vitamins and minerals of your fruit & veg, and just leaves the dry pulp behind.

The Acme 6001 Juicerator is a centrifugal juicer and like its cousin, the Acme 5001, is also brilliant for making fruit and veg juice combinations. It’s very good at juicing carrots and celery together with oranges, apples and other fruits as an example.

This juicer is a non-ejection type juicer. The pulp does not get removed from the inside of the juicer but binds itself to the inner side of the unit. It can make about two quarts of juice before needing to stop the juicer so you can extract the amassed pulp.

The Acme 6001 Juicerator doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen and is quite lightweight weighing in at 15 pounds.

To makes things easier for you and less messy, you can use cellulose filters to line the inside of the unit to make the removal of pulp a snap which you can then discard. These filters can be bought in bulk at cheap prices.

Pros and Cons of the Acme 6001 Juicerator

-> Solid stainless steel unit with a strong motor (1/4 HP)
-> Easy to Use and Clean (every part of the unit and bowl is accessible by hand)
-> It produces thick, creamy and tasty juice
-> It gives you 20-30 % more juice than a pulp ejector juicer
-> It is very stable during processing
-> Your get a magnificent 10-year Warranty
-> Easy Access to Replacement Parts
-> Very Affordable Price

-> You need cellulose filters to more easily clean the unit but this means ongoing costs are involved
-> Not for continuous juicing
-> It has a small feed chute and can’t juice whole fruits or vegetables – they need to be sliced first.

Juicer Reviews

Acme Juicerator

I bought one in 1972 and it still is juicing strong. The new one I purchased is for my son. He loves it. Everyone should get an Acme

love it

i ordered this for my friend. she had purchased another brand which cost close to the same price, but did nothing of what this one does.

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