May 31, 2016

4 Stainless Steel Straws + FREE Cleaning Brush & Citrus Peeler — FUN! Handy, Elegant, Metal, Washable, SAFE, NON-TOXIC non-plastic or glass – UNbreakable! CocoStraw Brand Drinking Drink Straw

CocoStraw Brand Reusable Drinking Straws -INCLUDES 4 Straws, Premium Cleaning Brush & FREE Citrus Peeler! CocoStraw Brand Stainless Steel straws are the elegant answer to all those wasted plastic straws of days gone by! These straws will never break or stain, they clean easy & are dishwasher safe. Included is also a straw cleaner bristle wand. 4 pack of straws – one for the whole family. – great for on the go, smoothies, juices, coconuts, water, and more! MUCH safer than re-using plastic that can wear away into your food, or glass straws that can break and shatter. Our straws are KID friendly-SAFE!, 100% NON-Toxic. — eco-friendly and responsible choice. Great for gifts, stocking stuffers, party favors – even spice up a dinner party or cocktail party. great for young coconuts – use our CocoDrill opener tool to tap into coconut and then use these straws to drink the water inside CocoStraw SUPER HEALTH! -These wash clean every time. -includes 4 stainless straws & 1 brush -Elegant Polished Stainless Steel – THICK steel construction for durable lasting use. Handy to use, on the go, in the kitchen, BBQ, party favorsNo More filling the landfill with thousands of plastic disposable straws. Our straws are unbreakable- dishwasher safe – INCLUDES Cleaning Brush -straws are 1/4″ diameter, total length is 8.5″, with the bend they stand 8″ tall – please see the photo above that shows the dimensions.-ALSO available in multi-packs of 8, 10, 12, & 16 qty Cocostraws – SAVE$ FREE Citrus PEELER Included- fast,easy and SAFE way to peel all types of citrus-oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, tangerines -no sharp blades to cut your fingers, but still scores the peel perfectly every time! Just put the peeler on your finger and run it down the side of the peel and it will easily score the peel.Then simply peel back the peel and it comes right off! no more smashing up your oranges trying to peel them with your fingers 🙂 Includes 10 Smoothie Recipes on package